Do the signs hang on the wall or sit on a shelf?

Completely up to you! They can stand alone or be hung.

All of our signs come with hanging hardware. Hardware used is based off the size of signs. Signs over 24 inches will include 50lb sawtooth hanging hardware.


Sign Colors

All framed signs, unless otherwise specified, will be Antique White(ivory) base color with black text. We offer several different choices for color options. If you have a color in mind we don't currently offer, please message us and we will work with you to create the look you want.

All stained items, unless otherwise specified, are a medium/dark brown wood stain. This includes frames, sign background, etc.

Keep in mind that due to individual computer monitors, cell phone screens, tablet screens, etc. colors may vary slightly from what you see in photos.


Wall Decals

Are wall decals removable?

Yes, but because the wall decals are super thin to get that paint like effect, you will not be able to reapply them to another wall.

Will wall decals damage my paint?

The adhesive used for these decals is specially formulated to be removed from paint without damage or leaving a residue. However, we cannot anticipate every situation. For best results, do not apply on old peeling paint, lead paint or any area where there may be moisture, mold or damage under the paint. Paint must be allowed to fully dry and cure for at least 3 weeks before applying a decal. Paint takes several weeks to fully harden; during this curing time, invisible gasses and moisture are released from the paint. If decals are applied too soon after new painting, this moisture will become trapped behind the decal. The decal adhesive could fail and also possibly damage to the paint causing it to peel or become discolored.

Are Wall decals Only for Walls?

No way! Why limit yourself…as long as you have a surface that is smooth, flat and clean, you will be able to apply your wall sticker. Furniture, mirrors, doors, glass and wood…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Will decals stick to textured walls?

If you have a light texture, the decals may work with a little extra patience when applying. If you haven’t used a wall decal before and you are unsure about your surface, contact us for a free test decal to try before you buy.

Custom Orders

Custom orders are our jam! We would love to work with you to create one of a kind pieces. 

We prefer to talk with our customers one-on-one about customs so we can figure out exactly what you're looking for.

Leave us a note with your purchase on items that can be made custom.

Want something you don't see? Send us a message and we will work with you personally to the best of our abilities to create what you're looking for. 


Cancelling an Order

Due to the nature of our work and the fact that orders are begun immediately, we do NOT accept order cancellations at this time. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.


Property Rights

Vintage Outcast reserves the right to reproduce custom made items. We also reserve the right to photograph all items we create and may use them at our discretion for advertising or as samples inside our listings. All photos of completed work are the property of Vintage Outcast and cannot be used without our permission. If the custom being ordered is a gift that needs to be kept a secret, please message us and we will not post a picture until you have cleared it with us.